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Handcrafted Products for Sale...

This Table of Contents will take you to the Products sold here that are Handcrafted from 100% Commercial & Consumer Waste...

  1. The Ultimate Business Card Display
  2. [Sale Item 1]
  3. [Sale Item 2]
  4. [Sale Item 3]
  5. [Sale Item 4]
  6. [Sale Item 5]
  7. [Sale Item 6]
  8. [Sale Item 6]

New handcrafted products are being added often and as the call for their raw materials goes out to create these products the value of those materials go up. You can purchase V&E's as an investment and watch their value grow as time goes by, it's a win-win situation... All shipments are USPS Priority Mail 3-Day Delivery, unless otherwise noted.


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