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Virtual & Ecological Green Stamps (V&E's)...

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V letter irtual & Ecological Green Stamps (V&E's) are modeled after the popular "S&H Green Stamps" of the 60's era where you would get so many Green Stamps for how many groceries you would buy, or how much gas you buy for your car, and then collect them to get gifts from a catalog for so many S&H Green Stamps... I loved licking the stamps and putting them in the "Saver Books", and dreamt of what I wanted from the "Ideabook" catalog as a kid...

You get "V&E Green Stamp logo" (points) for your purchases and contributions here at Salvage Endeavor to use towards the purchase of other products sold here, at least a 10% discount or more off the retail price, and you can purchase "V&E's" as an investment like the stock market as the value of V&E's fluctuate with demand for materials and inventory of products, and increase in value as more items get posted to the HOT!!!-List below...


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